Haiku Presentationer Skriva memoarer?

Old Navy

”Siri ahoy, welcome to Öckerö” my childhood friend Anders stood at the bridge of M 20 with a megaphone and greeted us as we steered in through piers of Öckerö. “I believe you’d better berth in the inner harbour basin and then come over to us.

We had sailed from Varberg , another wonderful early summer day with calm sea and blue skies. Person has stayed in the cock-pit all day and even held the wheel for short watches. Mother and son were happy. And now we were to meet my oldest friend and see his dream that has come through.

M 20 is a lesser mine-sweeper, an M-boat that is owned by the Maritime Museums and it is run by “Friends of M 20” an association of aficionados. M 20 was designed by Jac Iversen and built in mahogany in 1941 by Neglinge Shipyard.

“Welcome Person, is this the first time you are onboard a war ship?” Anders had a blue jacket with an M 20 emblem and a navy cap shielding the sun. Blue trousers, a sailor’s knife dangling from the belt and black, high, tough boots.

“Yes it is very exciting.” Person’s face shone with expectation.

“And for you Lisa, also the first time, is it?”

“Yes, very kind of you to take the time to show us around. You have a sea safety inspection tomorrow, haven’t you? Lisa looked alternately at Anders and Person.

“We will handle that, we’re more sailors onboard. Come into the steering hut and up on the bridge” Anders showed the navigational instruments and I saw that Lisa compared them with ours onboard Siri. They had gyro compass, depth-sounder and speed-log that we haven’t and their instruments were more advanced than ours but we had the same functions